The Port Hedland Port Supply Chain contributed $1.1 billion to the town of Port Hedland’s economy in 2018/19, creating 3,581 direct and indirect full-time jobs — 44 per cent of all jobs in Port Hedland in the year — and paying almost $500 million in wages and salaries to resident workers.

For every full-time job directly employed by the Port and the companies that trade through the Port, a further two full-time jobs are created in other parts of the town’s economy.

Industry creates jobs, invests in social programs and training, supports businesses, and pays royalties, rates and taxes that benefit the local and State economies.

Industry also supports local business through its local content commitments.

The forecast for jobs linked to the Port Hedland Port Supply Chain is for stable, sustained employment opportunities to 2028/29, with an extra 1072 FTE jobs a year expected to be created across the Pilbara.