Why grow the Port

How many local jobs does the Port of Port Hedland support?2019-12-03T06:05:31+00:00

Of the approximately 11,000 people working in the Port Hedland region, about half (5000) are employed as a direct result of the Port’s activities, according to modelling conducted by respected economic forecaster ACIL Allen. In dollar terms, the Port’s activities generated $418.4 million in direct economic output and $585.9 million in indirect economic output for the Town of Port Hedland in 2015-16. This is real money that flows through the community – supporting businesses who employ thousands of people in Port Hedland and providing for the town’s long term growth and sustainability.

If the Port continues to grow, what is the upside for the community?2019-12-03T06:05:02+00:00

The projected growth forecast for the Port of Hedland Port estimates that an additional 1,500 local jobs per annum will be created. This will make Port Hedland a more attractive place for our young people to live and work and underpin the development of our community’s economic and social infrastructure, which will benefit everyone who wants to live here.

Forecasts reveal the potential growth over the next 10 years could also add $37 billion in economic output for the Australian economy, $11billion of which would be realised in the Pilbara region. this economic growth will be felt most strongly in Western Australia, where it is forecast to contribute a 2.5% increase in wages growth for all West Australians.

How important is the Port to the Australian and Western Australian economies?2019-12-03T06:06:14+00:00

The total economic contribution of the Port Hedland Port Supply Chain to the Western Australian economy is $26.4 billion. This level of economic contribution supported 59,015 full time equivalent (FTE) jobs in the Western Australian economy in 2015-16. To put this in perspective, the economic output from the Port’s supply chain is worth about the same as the entire WA construction industry. The employment generated is equal to around one in every 20 FTE jobs in the State.

What is exported through the Port of Port Hedland?2019-12-03T06:07:03+00:00

While iron ore continues to the dominant commodities exported through Port Hedland, other exports important to the regional economy are salt, manganese, copper concentrates and livestock.

Industrial tourism has also seen cruise ships visiting Port Hedland and emerging technologies are likely to drive further diversification of commodities over the next decade. All of which highlights the strategic importance of the Port of Port Hedland in continuing to deliver economic growth of the Nation, the State and the people of Port Hedland.



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