Working Together

PHIC members work collaboratively to address cumulative industry issues in Port Hedland, advance investment in new technology and proactively share information, experience and knowledge to implement leading dust management practices to enable growth while also reducing the impact on the community.

Our members:

  • Are significant contributors to the Western Australia economy
  • Provide direct and indirect jobs for the State and the Port Hedland community
  • Provide security for people employed directly by operators and security and certainty for local businesses
  • Collectively contribute to local and State Government through rates, royalties, taxes, social investment, training and development and infrastructure investment
  • Contribute to the scientific understanding of air quality in Port Hedland
  • Contribute to the economic understanding of the value of industry to the local, state and national economies
  • Work for the common good of industry and the Port Hedland community
  • Positively work together to relieve constraints to maximise Port growth



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