Industry is in early discussions with the State Government over the potential for a West End property buy-back scheme that could resolve a major planning issue for the town and the Port of Port Hedland.

Industry expects that a State Government entity would have overall control of a buy-back scheme and that the scheme would be the catalyst for redevelopment.

PHIC CEO Kirsty Danby said the West End needs a vision and a master plan that can maximise the opportunities for the Port to grow.

“This would create an opportunity to provide land for a range of local and port-related business, including commercial, maritime, tourism, education and training and community amenity uses,” she said.

A buy-back and redevelopment scheme could deliver these benefits; industry will work with the WA Planning Commission and other agencies on an Improvement Plan and Improvement Scheme for the West End that will be a vital part in ensuring the sustainable growth of the area and the Port.

At the time of announcing the buy-back proposal, Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan acknowledged the value of industry to Port Hedland.

Industry will be looking to the State Government to take a leadership position on a buy-back scheme to ensure equitable arrangements are in place to determine a basis for buying properties and the contribution expected from industry.

Ms Danby said the Port Hedland Industries Council supports a considered, consultative process and is looking forward to discussing funding options with the State Government and the community

“Industry wants to ensure that any buy-back and redevelopment does not adversely affect port operations or constrain future growth.

PHIC members have invested significantly in the West End of Port Hedland over many years and will continue to invest in the future of Port Hedland,” she said.