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The resources industry in the Pilbara and the Port of Port Hedland is the powerhouse for economic growth for WA.

Ensuring that the Port continues to grow is vital for the State’s future and for sustaining a thriving Port Hedland community.

Our members create jobs and support local businesses but also contribute to a range of health, education, training and environmental programs.

PHIC members contributed more than $9 million in 2019/20 for social and community infrastructure projects and activities, and they support a wide range of ongoing community projects in Port Hedland.

These include community programs and initiatives providing youth and Indigenous programs, major festivals, community events, education and career development programs, traineeships and employment programs, health and wellbeing projects, and funding for social infrastructure such as pop-up markets, skate parks, and other recreational outlets.

Our members also support Traditional Owners of the region to grow their businesses, through contracts and joint ventures and agreements in relation to Native Title.

By working together, our members champion environmental stewardship and ensure best practice across industry.

We are committed to working with the State and local government agencies and the community to ensure the long-term prosperity of Port Hedland.

We provide transparent, easy-to-access information through a range of communication channels and engage with the community through our Community Industry Forum.

We also regularly participate in Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce Inc’s activities to ensure information is shared widely.

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