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Humans of Hedland gives people the opportunity to tell the story of their Port Hedland.

From the newcomers to the long termers and those who were born and bred in the town or the Pilbara, everyone has different memories and experiences of Port Hedland. By sharing our stories, we all gain understanding of the town and the people that make it a great place to live.

Thomas Hunter

Elise Batchelor

Rachel Mullins

Teneal Russell

Claire Sobolewski

Cath Widdup

Danielle Bellamy

Grace Hendriks

Chantel Cullen

Rebekah Worthington

Melanie Argent

Michelle Kivits

Joel Schreiber

Claire Boyce

Donna Curnow

Lizzy Capp

Nur-Irdah Halik

Joseph Bassford

Morag Lowe

Tracey Garbin

Clinton Smith

Gloria Jacob