Planning for the long-term needs of the Port of Port Hedland and the community has taken a major step forward with the WA Planning Commission taking control of land-use development of the West End.

Improvement Plan 50 (IP50) has been approved by the State Government and has progressed into an Improvement Scheme. IP50 will advance the planning, development and use of land west of McGregor St and Lukis Street.

PHIC CEO Kirsty Danby said the Introduction of the Improvement Plan and Improvement Scheme recognises that the success of the Port is vital to the sustainability of Port Hedland as a community.

“Providing greater separation between industrial port activities and permanent residential areas is crucial to the future development of Port Hedland and the long-term prosperity of industry and the community,” she said.

“Future benefits will come with confidence and the ongoing growth of the Port.”

Town of Port Hedland Commissioner Fred Riebeling said bringing the West End under WAPC control gave all stakeholders certainty.

“The State Government understands the need to balance the physical, economic, social and environmental factors within a strategic planning framework,” Mr Riebeling said.

“Historically, concerns have been raised in the community regarding dust levels, with an identified need to restrict population growth and prohibit sensitive land uses.

“The WAPC will decide how land is used in the gazetted area, making determinations in line with the Improvement Scheme and reflective of community will.”

The WAPC has reached out to local stakeholders, including industry as part of their consultation strategy, and PHIC is happy to contribute as a Port Hedland stakeholder.