The mining industry’s contribution to the Port Hedland community goes far beyond providing jobs and economic security, PHIC CEO Kirsty Danby said at a recent Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Business After Hours event.

In a wide-ranging presentation, Kirsty emphasised that PHIC members are a part of the community and they took their role and contribution seriously.

PHIC members contribute to education; learning and development; arts, culture and enterprise; community health and wellbeing; social inclusion; sports and recreation; environment, biodiversity and water; and local community infrastructure.

“This is all in addition to creating jobs, supporting local businesses and helping Port Hedland and the Pilbara region thrive,” Kirsty said.

“Because our members’ employees live here, we all care about the community and we want to grow together.

“This also means having a voice about things that matter in Port Hedland.

“Recently, we were asked to comment on developments such as the Improvement Plan and the proposed Port Hedland Voluntary Buyback Scheme.

“These are important issues for both industry and the wider community.”

She said PHIC was unique because it brought individual mining companies together in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

“I’ve worked in the resource industry for some 20 years and it is fair to say that it is unusual for mining companies to collaborate,” Kirsty said.

“PHIC is different. All of our member organisations are individual in their own way: their cultures, their operations, their people.

“But the one thing that they have in common that drives PHIC, is their commitment to Port Hedland. Add to this their commitment to the community and sustainable growth.

“As someone who originally hails from a port town in country Victoria, I appreciate the value that industry can bring to the community, and the need for us to work together – across issues and opportunities.”

PHIC established a Community Industry Forum in November 2019 as a way of keeping in contact with the community, getting first-hand knowledge on what is important to community members and

“The Community Industry Forum will continue to be a vital part of our commitment to open communication about how industry can play a better role as an active Port Hedland community member,” Kirsty said.