Humans of Hedland

//Humans of Hedland

Humans of Hedland

Humans of Hedland gives people the opportunity to tell the story of their Port Hedland.

From the newcomers to the long termers and those who were born and bred in the town or the Pilbara, everyone has different memories and experiences of Port Hedland.

By sharing our stories, we can all get a better understanding of the town.

Humans of Hedland: Thomas Hunter

For Thomas Hunter the Pilbara has been the backdrop to many defining stages of his life — of carefree fun and family support, but also of uncertainty and misgivings and perhaps most importantly a realisation of independe [...]

Humans of Hedland: Elise Batchelor

Those who have spent time in Port Hedland over the past 11 years are likely to have encountered Elise Batchelor. This liveware latter-day resident has had quite an impact since moving to the town with her husband in 2011 [...]

Humans of Hedland: Rachel Mullins

Meet Rachel Mullins — the Cat Lady of Port Hedland. When she’s not teaching her Grade 6 students at St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School, there is a fair chance Rachel will be caring for the needs of abandoned, sick, or [...]

Humans of Hedland: Teneal Russell

It is 19 years since Teneal Russell arrived in Port Hedland from Perth, leaving the airport to see palm trees and thinking she had moved to a tropical location. She and husband, Brett, arrived in 2003, with Teneal to sta [...]

Humans of Hedland: Claire Sobolewski

What sort of a best friend tells you to pack up your life on the other side of Australia and head to Port Hedland — only to be out of town when you’ve driven thousands of kilometres across the country on their say so? Cl [...]

Humans of Hedland: Cath Widdup

Cath Widdup has been in Port Hedland for more than six years, using her love of netball and experience in the travel industry to forge new friendships, achieve business success, and along the way repay the community that [...]