Senior executives from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation spent two days in Port Hedland last month to coincide with the release of its Port Hedland Regulatory Strategy.

Kelly Faulkner, Executive Director Regulatory Services; Ed Schuller, Director Regulatory Services; Kerry Laszig, Director Environmental Science; and Paul Newell, Senior Manager Process Industries, attended PHIC’s quarterly Community Industry Forum and undertook site visits to view the operations of several PHIC members.

PHIC Chief Executive Officer Kirsty Danby said the visit was a valuable opportunity for the executives to meet industry representatives, talk directly with community members at the PHIC Community Industry Forum, answer questions, and gain insights into the scale and significance of the operations of the Port and those of its users.

PHIC continues to work with DWER on the transfer of the ambient air quality monitoring network and development of best practice guidelines.

Kirsty said the publication of the Port Hedland Regulatory Strategy was an important development as industry continued to ensure that the port could grow sustainably and deliver benefits to the local, State and national economies.

“Port Hedland Industries Council acknowledges that the strategy has developed significantly through several iterations as a result of the consultation process afforded industry by DWER, and we look forward to continuing to work with the department on related issues in Port Hedland,” Kirsty said.

“Industry has invested significantly in dust mitigation measures to control and reduce dust emissions in Port Hedland and this investment will continue.

“PHIC and its members support the overarching approach set out under the zero-net increase in emissions approach, however we also recognise the need for a level of flexibility through a case-by-case approach to account for expansion projects and new operators into the market.”

The Regulatory Strategy was released publicly on DWER’s website on 10 May 2021 and presented by DWER to community representatives at PHIC’s Community Industry Forum on 12 May 2021.

Information on the Regulatory Strategy  and updates on the network transfer is available on DWER’s website.