BHP will increase the direct shipping of supplies from Singapore to Port Hedland, providing local business opportunities and improving regional road safety.

BHP has been trialling direct shipping to Port Hedland since 2020 and will now ship 7.5 per cent of the containerised supplies it receives into its Western Australian Iron Ore operations (WAIO) from all over the world through Singapore, directly to Port Hedland.

BHP’s move comes as direct shipping into Port Hedland continues to gain traction. A fourth service started operations last year.

In order to attract and facilitate direct shipping, PPA has invested in biosecurity infrastructure, including inspection, treatment and wash bay facilities.

The availability of improved biosecurity facilities is expected to encourage further growth in direct shipping to Pilbara ports.

Before the BHP trial began, supplies for WAIO were shipped to the Port of Fremantle and were then transported 1650 kilometres by road to Hedland. The direct route is initially expected to keep more than 900 trailers off the route from Fremantle to Port Hedland each year, improving safety for transport workers, road users and regional communities.

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