Pilbara Ports Authority’s first marine cadet, Kyal Randazzo, has successfully completed the Marine Cadetship Program and will embark on his journey to become a captain.

Kyal started his cadetship in 2018 and after three years in the program at the age of 21 has graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Nautical Science – 2nd Officer Licence.

As a cadet, he completed 18 months sea-going time on board iron ore and cargo vessels, visiting more than 11 countries including China, Japan, USA, Russia, and Germany.

“The nature of the voyage is worldwide, so I got to travel all around the world, experiencing different cargos and different ports. It was incredible,” Kyal said.

“Some of the things we learn through the cadetship is navigational watchkeeping, celestial and coastal navigation, proficiency in equipment, leadership and teamwork, cargo operations, ship stability and medical and emergency preparedness.”

Originally from Port Hedland, Kyal has ambitions to one day return and take up a marine pilotage role at the Port of Port Hedland, a position which takes years of at-sea experience and additional study to prepare for.

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