Bulk haulage and port management experts QUBE has become Port Hedland Industries Council’s first Associate Member.

The well-established Port Hedland Port supply chain organisation provides stockpile management, bulk haulage transport and stevedoring operations within Port Hedland and surrounding areas.

QUBE has a local workforce and contributes to the economic and social fabric of the community.

Wider QUBE group operations are present in 48 ports throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia and a range of mine sites and international locations.

QUBE’s North West Operations comprises a workforce of around 500 people, more than half of whom live locally.

It also operates a 180-person village to support its FIFO employees.

QUBE facilitates trade through the Pilbara by providing complete mine-to-port and port-to-mine supply chains.

PHIC Chief Executive Officer Kirsty Danby welcomed QUBE, saying the breadth of its operations and its longevity in Port Hedland made it an ideal candidate for membership.

“QUBE’s core business relates to the Port Hedland supply chain, and we know that they are committed to the safety, development and wellbeing of their employees, Port Hedland residents and other community members,” Kirsty said.

“I’m looking forward to working with them on PHIC initiatives and learning from them.”