BHP has partnered with Hedland Maritime Initiative to make 12 new properties available for short-term lease in Hedland’s West End.

HMI acquired the properties under the Port Hedland Voluntary Buy-Back Scheme. A $259,000 BHP donation will provide new furniture and get them ready for their first lease through local realtor Hedland First National.

The project will address the lack of short affordable short-term accommodation in the area.

Community members will be eligible to lease the properties for periods from five days up to three months, as is the condition for any HMI-acquired property.

HMI says BHP’s funding has been instrumental in securing the delivery of this much-needed service in Hedland.

“The short-stay accommodation model will assist in addressing the current market challenges for short-stay accommodation in Port Hedland, particularly for small businesses and not-for-profit organisations,” Karlene Bylund, Managing Director of the HMI, said.

“We are thrilled that BHP has partnered with us on this project and has funded the furnishings of all 12 of the first properties we are putting out to the short-stay market. This contribution has secured the delivery of this much-needed service to Port Hedland.”

Cindy Dunham, BHP General Manager Port said: “It’s fantastic to see these short-term accommodation options open up and help take some pressure off the market.

“Short-stay availability in Hedland can be a challenge, so we are very pleased to partner with HMI to support this project.”

BHP hopes the short-term accommodation options will support local economic outcomes and contribute to the long-term sustainability of the Hedland area.

“We hope these newly furnished properties will provide a comfortable stay for those visiting Port Hedland,” Cindy said.