A range of port users are expecting steady growth to 2028/29 that will deliver long-term, sustainable jobs and certainty for local businesses.

Modelling by economic forecaster ACIL Allen Consulting for PHIC found that, based on production and financial details provided by a range of resources companies, an extra 1072 jobs a year would be created in the Pilbara. The Port Hedland Port Supply Chain paid about $500 million in wages and salaries to Port Hedland workers in 2018/19, and this figure will increase.

In addition, the Hedland Maritime Initiative is working develop the Maritime Precinct area as a vibrant precinct that provides for commercial, leisure, tourist, cultural, training, educational and other land uses.

This will make Port Hedland a more attractive place for young people to live and work and underpin the development of the community’s economic and social infrastructure, which will benefit everyone who wants to live in Port Hedland.

Forecasts reveal the expected growth to 2028/29 could also deliver an increase in real income of $32.1 billion, with most of that being in the Pilbara ($14.9 billion) and the rest of WA ($14.4 billion).