Humans of Hedland

//Humans of Hedland

Humans of Hedland

Humans of Hedland gives people the opportunity to tell the story of their Port Hedland.

From the newcomers to the long termers and those who were born and bred in the town or the Pilbara, everyone has different memories and experiences of Port Hedland.

By sharing our stories, we can all get a better understanding of the town.

Humans of Hedland: Rebekah Worthington

It’s fair to say that in Rebekah Worthington’s 13-year association with Port Hedland she has experienced the best of times and the worst of times. And it was through the worst of times that she turned to community suppor [...]

Humans of Hedland: Melanie Argent

After three years, business owner Melanie Argent can safely say that she’s in the mix in Port Hedland — professionally and personally. The mother of two moved to Port Hedland with her husband and children from Albany, de [...]

Humans of Hedland: Michelle Kivits

The long and winding road that has led Michelle Kivits to Port Hedland’s door has also taken her to Cambodia, New Zealand, the Swan Valley residential rehabilitation centre Shalom House, Disability Employment Services, a [...]

Humans of Hedland: Joel Schreiber

When some people arrive in Port Hedland, they’ve simply made the journey from Perth — not so Joel Schreiber. For Joel — an advanced skills lecturer in management, accounting and training at North Regional TAFE — the jour [...]

Humans of Hedland: Claire Boyce

Ask Claire Boyce what she likes about Port Hedland and the answer comes quickly and simply: the people. It’s a long way geographically — about 14,200km —from Ireland to Port Hedland, so Claire felt some trepidation when [...]

Humans of Hedland: Donna Curnow

A new job in a new town in the middle of a pandemic — all challenges that did not deter Donna Curnow when she arrived in Port Hedland last October as Manager of Industry Engagement at North Regional TAFE. While she is ba [...]