Humans of Hedland

//Humans of Hedland

Humans of Hedland

Humans of Hedland gives people the opportunity to tell the story of their Port Hedland.

From the newcomers to the long termers and those who were born and bred in the town or the Pilbara, everyone has different memories and experiences of Port Hedland.

By sharing our stories, we can all get a better understanding of the town.

Humans of Hedland: Nur-Irdah Halik

Opportunities provided the chance to succeed  Port Hedland and the opportunities it offers have been a constant for Nur-Irdah Halik. Like others before her, Nur has left and returned. Born in Port Hedland shortly after h [...]

Humans of Hedland: Joseph Bassford

Vivid memories of carefree days Last June Joseph Bassford did what he and his parents before him did many times over the years — return to Port Hedland. Initially, the travel and time away was to accommodate the work req [...]

Humans of Hedland: Morag Lowe

A good idea that’s lasted 15 years In one of those “it-seemed-like-a-good idea at the time” moments, Morag Lowe arrived in Port Hedland 15 years ago after buying the First National Real Estate business. New to the town b [...]

Humans of Hedland: Tracey Garbin

Port Hedland’s ‘a hidden gem’ Tracey Garbin doesn’t work for the Port Hedland Visitor Centre, but perhaps she should such is her unabashed support of the community, and the town and what it has to offer. She arrived in P [...]

Humans of Hedland: Clinton Smith

There’s no place like home For Clinton Smith, the concepts of family and friends are almost interchangeable. Ask what he likes about Port Hedland, the answer is simple: “First and foremost, the community. “Friends become [...]

Humans of Hedland: Gloria Jacob

For long-term resident Gloria Jacob, there is no better example of the contrast that is Port Hedland than the view from her home office window. In one vista she sees an armada of iron ore ships at anchor waiting for thei [...]