Creating local jobs and a thriving community

Port Hedland is the engine room of the State’s economy, supporting one in every 12 WA jobs and almost half of all jobs in the town.

Steady export growth across a range of commodities including iron ore, lithium, manganese, copper, and salt predicted for the next 10 years will continue to deliver benefits locally, and to WA and Australia.

An economic assessment found that for every person with a full-time job employed by the Port Hedland Port Supply Chain, a further two jobs are created in other parts of the town’s economy.

The assessment found that a range of mining companies were positive about their long-term prospects in the region.

That outlook and the ongoing growth of the Port means job security for local families and local businesses, a positive environment to attract new investment and the opportunity to diversify industry and business opportunities for the town.

Port users are significant contributors to the social and economic development of the region, providing the security and stability it needs for the community to grow and prosper.

PHIC members create jobs, invest in social programs and training, support businesses, and pay royalties, rates and taxes that benefit the local, State and national economies. They support local business as part of local content commitments and make a significant contribution to the social and economic development of the region.

Ensuring sustainable growth of the Port is crucial for ensuring the needs of industrial customers are met and financial dividends are delivered for the Town of Port Hedland and the State.

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