The West End is considered the historical and cultural heart of Port Hedland’s community.

Over the past decade, BHP has invested $20 million on a number of initiatives to help improve the overall amenity of the West End.

Patrik Mellberg, BHP Community, said by working closely with the community, and other stakeholders the West End has been transformed into a vibrant place for everyone to enjoy.

“The community tell us regularly that it’s important that this area continues to thrive. Ultimately we want to make sure we respect what the community wants,” Patrik said.

Projects supported by BHP include:

  • A $1.9 million contribution towards the Web Business Hub which supports local and small businesses.
  • The donation of The Bungalow on Edgar building to the Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce which has been transformed into a new market place providing a diverse range of pop-up retail stores where Port Hedland’s creative and collaborative community can thrive.
  • Partnership with the Junction which provides a platform for local artists to showcase their work whilst attracting tourists to the town. The Courthouse also runs a number of community events attracting families and others to the West End.
  • Investment in greening and amenity programs

Katie Evans, CEO The Junction, said over the last few years the West End has become the more vibrant part of the community.

“The vibrancy, the activities, and the product that is coming from this area is very exciting and is making Hedland more than just an industry town,” she said.

Warren Wellbeloved, BHP General Manager Rail Operations, said BHP’s support not only benefits the West End but also helps support the people, the jobs, and the businesses in Port Hedland and the Pilbara.

“BHP is committed to creating a thriving economy here that’s self-sufficient and not only brings great economic value to the people of Port Hedland but also brings tourists to our region and support a greater level of interest in the area,” Warren said.

BHP is working collaboratively with government, industry, and the community to ensure the sustainable future of the port as well as to create a revitalised west end for all of Port Hedland to enjoy.

“I think we’re going to have an opportunity now for everyone to work together to really see this area thrive which will really serve to make this area active with lots of people coming here to enjoy the things it has to offer,” Patrik said.

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