The Port Hedland West End Improvement Scheme has been gazetted by the State Government, clearing the way for the WA Planning Commission to assume authority for the area.

The scheme, released for public comment earlier this year, considered physical, economic, social and environmental factors to determine future land uses for the precinct.

It contains measures to prevent the future development of “sensitive land uses” including new housing, aged care, child care and hospitals.

In guiding future planning for the area, the improvement scheme encourages investment and redevelopment to revitalise the West End in a way that reflects its iconic location and marine heritage. 

Planning Minister Rita Saffioti said the Improvement Scheme performed two crucial functions: it positions the West End for renewal while also discouraging longer term residential settlement in the area.

“We have been engaging with the Port Hedland community, landowners, industry and businesses for a number of years to put plans in place to protect the future of this special regional centre,” she said.

“In responding to the recommendations of the dust management taskforce, we have developed a scheme that fairly balances protecting the most vulnerable with creating opportunities for a range of new business ventures in the West End.”