Port Hedland Industries Council has embarked on an education initiative designed to provide teachers with knowledge on the mining sector and the employment prospects for students.

PHIC Chief Executive Officer Kirsty Danby said the Train the Trainer, Mining 101, sessions offered support for Hedland Senior High School teaching staff on the Australian mining industry, mining in the context of Port Hedland​, and the range of current and future career pathways available to Port Hedland students.

“It will enable teachers to go into the classroom armed with practical learning outcomes, not necessarily as part of the curriculum but to have the necessary resources and knowledge available as the need arises to share information on career opportunities now and into the future with those students who show an interest,” Kirsty said.

“They will have the tools to promote Port Hedland to students as a place full of opportunities and a great place to live and work.​

“It will give them a greater understanding of why mining matters, particularly in the context of commodity uses and applications, and they will have the tools to support school children, should they wish to explore a career in mining.​

“This will be framed around what the future of mining looks like.”

The first Train the Trainer session will be held in October.

Kirsty said if the program was successful during a 12-month trial phase, it could be extended to teaching staff in primary school and TAFE colleges.