PHIC is introducing associate memberships from November in a move Chief Executive Officer Kirsty Danby said reflected the importance of the council and heralded a new phase of growth.

Expanded membership would broaden the scope of PHIC activities, which could flow into new community engagement activities.

Possible associate members could include port users, such as non-operators, supply chain businesses, logistics and professional service providers, and businesses involved in the provision of marine services.

“It is a cross-section of businesses in Port Hedland,” Kirsty said. “Representing such a diverse group will ensure that PHIC reflects a wide range of views as it pursues its core aim of supporting the sustainable growth of the Port of Port Hedland.

“Port Hedland is undergoing significant change with major projects including the Spoilbank Marina, the redevelopment of the West End, a new Seafarers centre and plans for a maritime training college.

“At the same time, iron ore operators have received approval to increase iron ore, lithium exports are expected to increase and there are plans for the Asian Renewable Energy Hub and the intention of a London-based company to build a lithium sulfate plant here to serve as a refining hub for Australian miners.

“With such activity it is vital that port-connected industry and businesses work collectively and collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for the port and the wider Port Hedland Community.”

For more information on PHIC associate memberships, email