The Roy Hill Community Foundation was established in 2015 as a collaborative social investment program and now has 13 member companies.

The strength of the foundation is that the companies contribute and work together on health, education, arts, and culture projects in the Pilbara.

In 2022 it introduced Pilbara Horizons offering employees of partner companies the opportunity to become Foundation Ambassadors with a goal to raise funds for Pilbara community-initiated programs.

In July 2022, as part of an on-country experience the Pilbara Horizons Ambassadors visited Yandeyarra community where community representatives raised the need for improved health services at Yandeyarra, initially focussed on improving eye health.

Eye conditions such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and trachoma can lead to loss of vision, affecting quality of life and reducing independence. Healthy eyes and good vision are vital for learning, independence, and employment opportunities. Many people who live in rural and remote communities, rely on outreach health services from visiting health professionals, including optometrists.

The Healthy Eyes Healthy Community project was established to sponsor optometrist visits to Yandeyarra covering costs such as travel, accommodation, and glasses. The Ambassadors (Team Mulla Mulla) coordinated the first optometrist visit with Joondalup Specs Plus for in October 2022.

Many adults and children had vital eye tests completed, including sizing and selection of frames. Of the 32 people tested, 23 required glasses and four were referred for further specialist eye services.

It is expected that subsequent visits to fit and retest community members will be arranged with further support from the Roy Hill Community Foundation and the Pilbara Horizons program. Given the success of this initiative the team is hoping to offer dental health services.

On the first trip, local elders also spoke about much-needed stimulation and entertainment for the youth in the Yandeyarra Community.

The Roy Hill Projects Community Development team organised employee volunteers and local services to provide a fun-filled night of dancing, glow sticks, swimming in the local pool and a BBQ dinner.

The services included WA Police, Compass Group, Education Department and Royal Life Saving.